Had your important office documents or memorable photos accidentally deleted? It is quite a common problem and bitter experience faced by many users. The important files might have gone missing due to users’ carelessness, virus attacks, system crashes or even sabotage. Or you could have accidentally checked the ‘Delete All Files in Recycle Bin Box Immediately’ function. The price you need to pay for the missing data files could be very high. Try this out, Undelete 2009, a newly released data recovery tool that might resolve your problems and headache.

Developed by Diskeeper Corporation, the remarkable data recovery and data protection tool, Undelete 2009, was released in North America early of the month and in Europe recently. This new Undelete 2009 has applied the InvisiTasking Technology which allows all background operations within Undelete to run with Zero overhead. In short, users who use Undelete 2009 will not experience a slowing down in their system. Undelete 2009 replaces the recycle bin with recovery bin. The recovery bin will catch all deleted files and allow users to make instant recovery with just a few clicks of the mouse. This Recovery Bin also features a powerful search function. Users can seek and recover the deleted files conveniently.

Users who want to recover Microsoft Office files to their earlier versions also can get help from Undelete 2009. This application has version recovery functions which automatically capture the old version of Microsoft Office files and allow recovery to earlier or saved-over version when it is required. Another useful feature available in Undelete 2009 is the ability to recover files that were deleted prior to the installation of this program.

Undelete 2009 supports and is compatible with all Windows OS inclusive of Windows Server 2008 and 64 bit operating systems. Undelete 2009 is not a freeware. However, users can download the trial version to get a taste of what it can do.