The computer will automatically keep track of every move we make: the websites we visited, the programs executed, the files opened, etc. These tracks will compromise the security of your system and pose possible threats to your system. To clear, delete and strike out these tracks and to ensure your computer’s privacy, you can try out this freeware, Advanced Privacy Cleaner 1.1.

Advanced Privacy Cleaner 1.1 is a useful tool and program to delete the particular tracks selected by you. You can choose to delete the respective tracks from many different areas in your computer from the six screens displayed by the software. The erasing process is easy and simple; a click on “Clean Now” will erase the tracks selected by you. Technically, there are six types of data you can choose to remove: Windows Tracks, Program Tracks, Internet Tracks, Cookies, Messenger Tracks and Plugins.

The summary of the key features of “Advanced Privacy Cleaner”:
• Cleans tracks from your computer with a single click
• Provides different categories of track types to delete
• Deletes temporary installation files, various log files, browser files, etc.
• Deletes tracks from Internet Explorer, Windows searches

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