Wireless charging technology is not something really new and it has been implemented on some consumer electronics products such as Palm Pre as an additional selling point. However, such technology has not been carried over to PC computing yet and Dell is believed to be the first one that will bring its high end Latitude Z series with such capability to PC market.


Besides ability to recharge wirelessly thanks to its special made inductive charging stand, the machine is also featured with ‘Instant On’ Operating Systems so that its end users will no longer need to waste time waiting for computer reboot and are ready for seamless internet connectivity. Surprisingly, the wireless charging is claimed to be able to fully recharge with the same amount of time needed as similar to when using conventional power cable. Other features include a 16-inch diagonal screen with touch-sensitive controls on its bezel, sliding touch controls and all these are being powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processor (as a main processor) as well as a thermally efficient ARM processor as secondary processor to support ‘Instant On’ feature for prolong battery life.

The new model is expected to be released on October 25th but don’t expect it to be cheap, the machine will cost around $2000 (which doesn’t include the wireless charging stand and wireless connectivity hub that will cost additional $200 extra each). Nevertheless, it is mainly targeted for business executives and professionals that need a truly portable machine while on the move and a convenient cable-less workspace in enterprise environment.