Google users might have noticed that Google has changed its existing favicon a couple of weeks ago from the existing blue capital “G” to a blue lowercase “g” on a gradient gray background. Favicon basically supports and enhances the branding of a web site and reflect its identify. By changing the familiar icon which appears in the browser tabs, Google has caused some consternation and uproar amongst users, prompting them to give a lot of comments/opinion. In response Google is inviting users to submit their favorite Google favicon design.

Google opens this invitation to all users and it accepts entries or participation until 20 June 2008. The Favicon design is required to be sent to Google via a particular form and the design must meet the following technical requirements:

• resolution: 16 pixel x 16 pixel image
• format: .png, .gif, or .ico
• size: 5 KB
• transparency: 32 bit alpha transparency

Google’s purpose of changing new favicon was to “develop a set of icons that would scale better to some new platforms like the iPhone and other mobile devices.” If users have interesting ideas to share with Google, they can try their hand at designing the favicon. Who knows, their idea might be adopted and they might achieve flame and a great sense of satisfaction.