Dell Inspiron Mini 12 might be too light for you. Acer Travel Mate or Sony VAIO probably might not be your cup of tea due to their features and design. If you still can’t get a dream laptop for yourself after checking with all the manufacturers, why don’t design one and let Intel and Asus make your “Dream PC” a reality?

Intel and Asus has jointly launched WePC, a new site that allows users like you and I to participate and work together, as well as to share ideas and inspiration to design a new innovative PC. Anybody can join in to participate and contribute ideas. The two companies will thence decide the winners via vote casting on the submitted concepts. Despite the commercial element, the ultimate objective of ASUS and Intel is to deliver to the market what could be the world’s first community-designed PCs. The winning designs will be powered by Intel’s Atom, Centrino 2, and Intel Centrino 2 Extreme processors. Of course winners for this project will also be rewarded.