Another new smart phone will be brought in by Palm Inc by this month. This new smart phone, Palm 500, operates under Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system. This new smart phone will be sold by Vodafone Group and it is placed in the Palm lineup as the Treo 500 series.

Treo 500 runs on 3G mobile phone networks. It features a 2-megapixel camera, 256MB of built in flash for storage, and a Bluetooth transmitter with stereo audio support. However, the Treo 500 doesn’t support touch-screen functionality. The lack of touch-screen functionality will probably cause the new smart phone to be priced lower than Palm Treo 750v, which is currently selling at US$689. The Treo will come with a bigger screen and has a darker colour scheme compared to Vodafone’s other similar windows mobile phone.