Users tend to open many tabs in their browser when surfing the net. It is probably quite difficult to distinguish one opened tab from another when too many are activated at the same time. FabTabs, an interesting Firefox extension offers users an interesting way to identify tabs in Firefox using colours. FabTabs will color the opened tabs so that users can easily identify the respective tabs without looking at the title.

How FabTabs works is pretty simple. This tiny application will take a small screenshot of the websites users are surfing. It will then calculate the most commonly used color from that screenshot and try to take the most dominant color from the website and apply it to the tab. Users will then see the tab opened coloured accordingly.

FabTabs also enables users to do some configuration. Users can configure and set, for instance, color matching strength, hue, saturation, tab opacity, etc. Users are also allowed to adjust the size of the screenshot FabTabs captures from the running programs. Users can define the screenshot width and height respectively. Under Miscellaneous FabTabs Settings, users can also check and decide either to only color the active tab, color all toolbars below the tabs, hide tab context menu items, or catch the tab color per host name. Colored tabs make browsing multiple websites more fun and interesting.