Tired of daily routine working life and want to have some fun in small office environment without interrupting your colleagues? Here is a new pet artificial fish with aquarium that you can put on your desk. By connecting the USB power cable to your PC USB port, your ‘pet’ will able to swim actively in the aquarium. The most interesting part is that you will be able to interact with them through the interactive software menu installed in your PC!

Watch the tropical fish swimming and playing in the USB Interactive Aquarium.

The package comes with two artificial tropical fishes, one mini desktop aquarium with a USB cable, software CD and user guide. You will need to install the software into the PC in order to communicate with your pet. On the hardware setup, it is as simple as plug and play by connecting the USB cable to your PC USB port and just adds water into the tank. You can simply turn on the blue illuminated light and play with the fish with only a few clicks on your mouse. That is not all, you also can feed them electronically. The best of it, you don’t need to worry about your pet starving or trouble changing fresh water when you are away traveling to customer sites.

Priced at just USD23 on Brando online workshop, I am sure it is worth owning one and enjoying the fun interacting with your digital pet.