Ever wished you could compile all the loose issues of Playboy magazines hidden under your bed or stacked in the attic? Or browse through them any time you like when you are in the subway or resting in the hotel after a hard day’s work and travel? Well, an elegant hard drive which stores The Playboy magazine makes accessing your favorite issues easier and more convenient. With a collection of over 650 issues of the magazine from its inception in 1953 to the Dec 2009 issue and covering more than 100,000 pages of photos, essays, stories, articles and advertisements, the Playboy Archive is a portable treasure trove and an all-in-one collection piece. Designed in trademark black and white as well as the wicked Playboy logo, the hard drive looks attractive and elegant.

Having some of the world’s most beautiful women from Marilyn Monroe to Chelsea Handler in CD-ROM at your fingertips is perhaps a dream come true. You could browse, search, or simply revisit favorite issues or items at your whim and fancy. The user-friendly interface allows searches by issue numbers, keywords and the table of contents list. Offered by Bondi Publishing, each issue of the magazine in the hard drive is displayed in its entirety as it is published in print. You can update future issues as well as keep other files or data of your own as the Playboy Archive only utilizes 20MG of the 250MG hard drive. The hard drive is compatible with both Macs and PCs. At $299.95, the Playboy Cover to Cover hard drive could be the best gift for yourself this Christmas.