You probably worry about your important personal data that could be accidentally deleted or renamed when your computer is being used by your kids or some third parties. If you are looking for any solution which can prevent data from being messed up or lost due to delete or rename action, then Prevent will be able to help you on this.


Prevent is a freeware and it is designed to disable cut, paste, copy, delete and rename functionality in your computer. As mentioned earlier, the main objective is to prevent anybody from deleting, renaming or messing around your data. Once you have run the installer, it will create a Prevent folder under system Program Files folder which contains Prevent.exe, Pre_1.exe, Pre_2.exe, Read Me First.txt, Uninstall.ini and Uninstall.exe. To run the program, you need execute Prevent.exe and it will display a window for you to define a hotkey. This hotkey is used to stop Prevent process and click Activate button once you have defined the hotkey. As soon as this program is activated, it will run at background silently and functions like cut, paste, delete and rename will be disabled regardless if they are initiated from keyboard button (Ctrl C, Ctrl X, Ctrl V, Delete), from right click context menu or under Edit menu. On top of this, it also takes the consideration to prevent data loss caused by terminating program without saving. As such, End Process button at Task Manager is disabled as well so that it doesn’t allow you to right click on process name and click on end process. To restore the setting, just use the hotkey you have defined earlier to stop the process.

Prevent ver 1.0 is absolutely free to download and it works well on Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7.