There are various utilities such as Simple Directory Analyzer and Xinorbis that can help analyzing your hard disk space and displaying a quick glance on how those spaces have been utilized, but in case you are not satisfied with any of them and would like to try out something really simple, Disk Space Analyzer could be the one suitable for you.


Once install and launch the utility, users will be brought to a simple GUI. Without any complicated setup required, users just need to select a particular directory to be scanned and they are ready to go. Depending on how much hard disk space that you have, it may take minutes for the utility to completely scan through and display the section in a systematic way with left pane showing the detailed breakdown with folders and subfolders name and size. While on the right pane, it consolidates these data into a fully graphical pie chart view for much greater visibility. For instances, it will list down the Program Files, Drivers, Apps, Documents and Settings so that users are aware of how many percentage of total hard disk usage being utilized and for what purposes without extra effort to manually figure that out.

Consumed less than 1MB of your hard disk space, Disk Space Analyzer is definitely one of the ideal utilities to be installed in Windows System so that you can regularly check out if there is any space that can be cleared off especially when a particular huge unused program file that could potentially occupy huge portion of your valuable hard disk capacity.