Windows Explorer in Windows 7 has going through a major cosmetic change to make it easier to use and navigate. One change is done to navigation pane. Windows 7 users will notice that Windows Explorer classic default tree view of folders and directories as in Windows Vista and XP is been replaced with various sections namely Favorites, Libraries, Homegroup, Computers (but with unused or uninserted floppy and CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs drive hidden) and Network.

Windows Explorer Navigation Pane New Style in Windows 7In previous Windows operating system such as Windows Vista and Windows XP, Windows Explorer navigation pane usually is made up of a folders tree that starts with Desktop, with easy access to personal user folders, public folders, Computer which expands to all disk drivers, floppy disk drive, and optical CD, DVD, Blu-ray ROM or RW drive, Network, Control Panel and Recycle Bin.

With the cleanup and simplification of Windows 7 Explorer’s navigation pane, some items no longer be directly accessible in the navigation pane. For example, Control Panel, Recycle Bin and %SystemDrive%\Users\<user name> folder, which stores personal documents and data. These folders are hidden by default in Windows Explorer of Windows 7, as shown in illustration on the left, but can be revealed and shown on navigation pane with little trick as shown below which revert Windows 7 Explorer navigation pane back to classic style.

How to Reveal and Show or Display Classic Navigation Pane in Windows Explorer of Windows 7

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Click on Organize pull down menu.
  3. Select Folder and search options.
  4. In the General tab, tick the check box for Show all folders option under Navigation pane section.

    Show All Classic Folders in Windows 7 Explorer Navigation Pane

The result is good old classic navigation pane with folder tree starting from Desktop in Windows 7’s Windows Explorer as shown below. Remove Libraries folders from Windows 7 Explorer to make it more classic.

Windows 7 Classic Navigation Pane in Windows Explorer

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