DivX has just announced the availability of its new version of media playback software player, as a major version upgrade from its Alpha version released back to August time frame. With the upcoming version 7.0 Beta 1 release, the player will support H.264 codec HD (High Definition) media playback as well as integrated AAC surround sound audio format support targeted for great multimedia experience in digital home.

Typically, H.264 standard allows much more efficient video compression that resulting in higher video quality without congesting through limited internet bandwidth. In this release, the company has also included both the H.264 Decoder filter and MKV Demux filter, that can utilize the DirectShow technology for better video quality. In terms of audio codec, this version further supports AAC audio for multi-channel surround sound, as compared to previous release that is based on MP3 standard format.

This is definitely a good news for users that prefer DivX as an alternative solution to Windows Media or VLC player for home PC entertainment system.