If you are looking for security applications or antivirus software, now is probably a good time to strike some good deals as some security companies and software retailers are seemingly clearing their 2008 stocks to make way for their 2009 products. By giving away these products either for free or with a nominal amount, security companies can attract more users to try their products and get wider publicity.

Watch out for the offer by Newegg expiring on 16 August. This famous online computer hardware and software retailer is offering a deal for users who intend to buy Panda Internet Security 2008 (3-user edition). Users need to pay $40 in order to get the security utility to be delivered to their door. Well, the deal doesn’t stop there. Users can thence get back their $40 from Panda Security USA in rebate form. Read the terms and conditions applied via the link here.

Panda Internet Security 2008 offers quite a comprehensive and complete security solution, covering antivirus, antispam, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, firewall, identity protection, backup solution, TruPrevent, parental control and TotalScan Pro. Users can read more on the product features via the link here.

If the $40 rebate offer is not enticing enough, users can look at another offer made by Panda Internet Security 2008. Users who buy the security application from Panda Security at $69.95 can enjoy a free upgrade to the 2009 version.

Besides Panda Internet Security, another great offer you probably shouldn’t miss is the offer given by ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm is a software firewall originally developed by Zone Labs, which was acquired in 2003 by Check Point. ZoneAlarm offers a free download to the full version of its ZoneAlarm ForceField. ZoneAlarm ForceField is a virtualization engine that shields the computer and personal data from the Internet and computer-based threats. It includes several layers of protection to combat phishing, spyware and dangerous file downloads.

ZoneAlarm ForceField normally costs users $29.99 to purchase (including a year’s subscription of updates) and $19.99 thereafter for another year’s subscription. If $29.99 is too expensive and you want to get it for free, don’t forget to go to ZoneAlarm site via the link here at 6 AM PDT on Tuesday, Aug. 12. You will get a complimentary version of ZoneAlarm ForceField. Don’t forget, the offer is only available within twenty-four hours of the launch.

Offer expired. Check out more free anti-virus offer.