In life many people tend to pay more for getting double indemnity from insurance company as there are too many uncertainties and unpredictable circumstances. If you are keeping the same philosophy in handling your data, then you can do with double protection in safeguarding your valuable data via DoubleSafety.

DoubleSafety is a protection tool that offers the ability to back up your important data. Once your data has been backed up, this safety tool will again encrypt it to the AES standard. This is to ensure no third party can access and violate your data. With this protection tool, you can rest assured that your valuable data such as your naked childhood photos are safe from prying eyes or loss.

DoubleSafety is user friendly and high performing. It offers both Incremental and differential backup. Users can use this tool to compress their data to the zip format, write to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD or upload the backups to an FTP server. It’s pretty fast and efficient.

The latest release DoubleSafety 4.2 which is compatible with Windows Vista is now available. Download the 30-day trial version to get a feel of this application.