Occasionally you may want to view an interesting media clip that being sent by your peers while busy with your office work. Instead of trying to extend the media playback on external LCD screen, now users can try to install this freeware, named as Double Vision so that the web based video can be viewed in semi-transparent interface without blocking your current tasks completely.

As the name implies, Double Vision offers its users with extra visibility on media files downloaded from Internet such as famous YouTube, Netflix and many more while they are working on other tasks. Once install and launch the utility, users can browse to respective media websites to view certain media clips in customizable semi-transparent video player. With the friendly GUI, users just need to click on the ‘Go Double Vision’ button or combination of hotkey buttons such as Ctrl + Alt will toggle the semi-transparent screen view while other tasks are still running in parellel. One drawback, the program only works with video files that played directly from Internet service provider but not on any media files that stored in your local hard drive. Nevertheless, this is quite useful in view of its dual display capabilities without any hardware assist as well as additional cost.

Consumed around 2MB of your hard disk space, Double Vision is compatible with Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems and the only prerequisite is your system must have internet access in order for it to work correctly.