Microsoft has lately updated its Microsoft Office library collection and rolled out a range of new calendars tailored for Microsoft Office users. Microsoft office users can update their office suite with the new 2010 calendars offered by the Redmond Company. The new calendars are customized for office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, OneNote and Publisher. There are more than 75 new 2010 Calendars under this round’s update package where users can download them for free.

“There is a wide range of 2010 calendars now available on Office Online Templates. New versions are recently available for older, popular styles such as the Lunar Calendar for Word. And different types of calendars, new to Office Online Templates, are now here such as the Quarterly Calendar for Publisher,” revealed a member of the OfficeOnline team.

Microsoft Office users can download or update their Microsoft Office suite with the latest 2010 Calendar via the link here.