Volume Licensing customers, typically big corporations and large companies enroll in Select, Open License, Open Value, Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Software Assurance (SA) subscriptions can access and download full and final RTM version of Windows Vista with Service Pack 1. The Windows Vista media with SP1 slipstreamed and integrated into setup installation eliminates the need for VL users to separately download and install the massive and big service pack after the Vista system up and running.

The Windows Vista SP1 Enterprise edition software for both new install or upgrade versions for VL customers can be downloaded from the Microsoft Volume License Services (MVLS) at https://licensing.microsoft.com via Media Subscription Kits and Software Assurance or MSDN Benefit Kits. Both x86 and x64 is available in DVD image. Administrators can also view your agreements, licenses, purchase order and obtain volume keys (VLK).

Download Vista SP1 Enterprise for Volume Licensing

Other than downloading directly from Microsoft Volume Licensing or eOpen servers, interested users can also download the official versions of Vista SP1 Enterprise slipstream edition via P2P BT (BitTorrent) network, as the DVD media images have been leaked to web. Download download the torrents below and use a Bit Torrent such as uTorrent, BitComet, ABC and others to download the actual ISO image file for Vista Enterprise Edition with SP1 integrated.

SA Win Vista Enterprise w SP1 32-bit English Disk Kit MVL DVD (6001.18000.080118-1840_x86fre_Enterprise_en-us_VL-FRMEVOL_EN_DVD.iso)

Date: 2008
Version: 6001.18000.080118-1840
Platform: x86
Size: 2.15GB
SHA1: A06608EDA6F20F4D1FADF7946EFA09C7DE65AD7F
MD5: 3daaba34ba7973a72bfd359c2d75d7ce

Download MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.VISTA.WITH.SP1.ENTERPRISE.x86.RTM.VL.EN-US-WZTiSO.torrent or 6001.18000.080118-1840_x86fre_Enterprise_en-us_VL-FRMEVOL_EN_DVD.iso.torrent.

SA Win Vista Enterprise w SP1 64-bit English Disk Kit MVL DVD (6001.18000.080118-1840_amd64fre_Enterprise_en-us_VL-FRMEXVOL_EN_DVD)

Date: 2008
Version: 6001.18000.080118-1840
Platform: x64
Size: 2.82GB
SHA1: 149d6e02de20fa80a7a8abbc7432c8006e8c1f7e
MD5: 6ada7ad912e8d931e88c235c4f4452ee

Download MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.VISTA.WITH.SP1.ENTERPRISE.x64.RTM.VL.EN-US-WZTiSO.torrent or 6001.18000.080118-1840_amd64fre_Enterprise_en-us_VL-FRMEXVOL_EN_DVD.iso.torrent.

Windows Vista Enterprise Edition requires product activation via KMS host, although hackers have known to be able to setup a spoofed KMS server to activate any copies of Vista system.

Update: Windows Vista with SP2 integrated x86 and x64 MSDN/TechNet DVD ISO