A newer version of Adobe Flash Player plugin, Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 is now available for installing. Adobe Flash Player version 9 is a powerful and high performance next generation Flash Player client runtime environment which provide a more secure, lightweight, robust runtime environment for rich media and enterprise-ready rich internet applications.

The Adobe Flash Player version 9 delivers faster performance via its ActionScript 3.0 and a new ActionScript Virtual Machine, which features a Just In Time compiler that translates ActionScript bytecode to native machine code for maximum execution speed. With more than 600 million users worldwide, the Adobe Flash Player provides stable, consistent and predictable application runtime capabilities for the Adobe Engagement Platform.

The latest release version Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 plug-in supports H264 video. User can play non-DRM iTunes videos, podcasts and embed HD video on your website, playable via Flash player. Adobe Flash Player is a freeware and it is available to download via the link here.

Update: Adobe Flash Player 10