Many people won’t really be particular on the image which appears in the media player when a song is playing. However, a nice image will create some pleasant feelings, for instance, when you see your favorite artist while listening to the music. Album art, usually the front cover of the album from where the song is extracted will create some interesting and sensational effect while listeners are enjoying the music. If users purchase the original music album from the market, they can get the fancy and creative album art cover which comes together. Nevertheless, if users purchase their favorite music from those online music stores, many occasions the album art for the particular album or songs might not be there.

Of course users can Google to find the relevant album art for their music collection. However, finding the right album art can be a tedious and boring task especially when users are not so sure where to look. To make life simpler, users can look up Album Art Downloader, a free album art searching tool which will help users to speed up the searching work.


Album ART Downloader is a simple and user friendly album art searching program. It basically simplifies the album art searching job from various sources such as Amazon, CDCovers, Cover-Paradies, CD Universe, Coveralia, etc via its easy-to-use interface. The program will scan through the computer to identify which albums stored have their album art missing. The program will then search for the album art. Users will be prompted with a list of relevant album arts for users to decide which image to be selected. The sources for the pictures can be defined by creating plugin scripts.

Users who want to save their valuable time to search for album art can get the program downloaded via the link here. Users are required to install ET Framework 3.5 prior to the installation.