Have you ever thought on how to save Google map in your PC so that you can keep it for future reference while offline? If you are Google Map frequent user, then you may appreciate on how this tool will able to assist you. Named as Google Map Saver, it allows users to download and save Google map as JPEG, PNG-8, PNG-24, BMP or Targa files for future reference or sharing with friends when trying to pinpoint exact location on the map.


Google Map Saver is freeware and is easy to use. Similar to the online Google maps, you need to enter the location and select the type of map, then click on Go! button and the map of the location will be displayed correctly. There are total four types of maps supported by Google Map Saver such as Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain and you can choose any one of them to display the map according based on your preference view. Besides, it allows you to zoom in and out on the displayed map as well by choosing on the number that you would like to zoom, then select Go! button to display the map with the zoom number you have selected. Resolution is another great feature offered by this tool and you can easily choose the resolution based on usage from the drop down list such as Window Size, QVGA – 320×240, VGA-640×480, iPhone-320×480, PAL-768×576, NTSC-720×480, SVGA-800×600, XGA-1024×768, WXGA-1024×600, WXGA-1280×800, HD720-1280×720, HD1080-1920×1080 and many more. To save the map, choose the format as you like from the format drop down list and then click Save Image button. By default, the superimposed watermark, “Saved with Google Map Saver (www.codres.de)” is displayed on the saved image file but it can be removed easily. Just click on the globe image as located on top right and the About window will be pop up, then click on the Agree! button and the watermark will be removed on the next saving image file.


Google Maps Saver 1.0.1 is still in beta stage now and is absolutely free for download now. Consumed around 366KB of your hard disk space and doesn’t requires any installation (just run the executable file to launch the program), it is compatible to run on Windows XP/Vista/7 for immediate use.