Many users probably like to put their earphones on for some music while doing their work. With the earphones on, sometime you can easily miss some important calls or text messages which need your instant reply. To prevent your big boss or clients from coming after you, Android Notifier, a free notification program can be your savior if you are using Android phones.

Connected to the computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Android Notifier will alert users or send out notifications when there are incoming calls, SMS, MMS or voicemails being received, and when the battery is running low. Users can easily be notified from their desktop screens. Android Notified is pretty easy to set up and customize. Users can customize and decide which events they want the program to notify them. For instance, they can disable Phone Ring notification if they do not want to be disturbed by incoming calls or they can disable Battery notification in case they do not want to be bothered by the battery level.

Android Notifier is a tiny application which consumes very little resources. This application can be downloaded free for Android phones and Macintosh computers. Windows and Linux users need to install Android Notifier on their phone and Android-Notifier-Desktop on their computers respectively.