AVG Anti Virus is a range of well-know antivirus protection tool for the Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. This protection tool is available free-of-charge to home users for life. This application has all features that you require in an antivirus program. For instance, the AVG Email scanner will do email scanning to include email attachments; the AVG Resident Shield will provide real-time protection when files are opened and programs are running; the AVG On-Demand Scanner will allows users to perform scheduled and manual tests; the AVG Virus Vault will handle the infected files; etc. AVG Antivirus also come with automatic update function.

The AVG Anti Virus is free and easy to use. Unlike certain Antivirus software, AVG will not require high system resources. Users will not have problem of system slows down using AVG.

What’s new:
A new recommended update for AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 7.5 for Windows (build 487) has been released. It will be available for download as a installation package or update package. Moreover, AVG installations will automatically download this recommended update within the next 2-3 days (this is because of load balancing).

The latest update includes:
– Improvements in GUI.

The latest version of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition can be downloaded from here.

Update: AVG Anti-Virus Free 8.0 with AntiSpyware, LinkScanner and SafeSearch released.