Previously we talked about FastStone Capture 6.0 that can capture and edit print screen image for email and discussion with counterparts. If you think the tool is still not able to satisfy your need, now there is another one that offers more advanced features. Named as CaptureWizPro, it is not only allows users to capture still image, but it also offers additional features to capture audio and even video clips with few simple mouse clicks for more fruitful discussion.

As similar to FastStone Capture 6.0, it offers enough flexibility for users to capture any portions of screen displayed in front of PC window. Even for those portions that not displayed on screen, there is a scrolling mechanism that simplifies the whole capturing process without worrying about the oversize pages. Besides, users have the options to view all the captured screens in thumbnail view so that it can be retrieved easily during any discussion.

However, the major selling points here is not only this, but both the audio and video capturing capability. Have you ever wonder how nice would it be to capture some mouse movements or cursor pointings other than the still image with circle or highlights on it? Only one limitation, there seems to be no way to synchronize both the captured audio and video files. Else, it would be really a powerful tool for the purpose of generating a self starter training kit with all those steps running accompanied with audio enabling.

The software utility is very lightweight, only occupies less than 1.2MB. It is compatible with Windows OS ranging from Windows ME, 98, 2000, XP and even Vista. User can get a 30-days full features free trial at PixelMetrics without any hidden cost.

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