Ever wonder how you can capture an animation image to be kept or sent to others as a simple setup guide? Just imagine, in case there is a need to show steps on how to add a favorite folder in Firefox web browser, you can use this tool to achieve the objective in simple way. Named as Cropper screen capture freeware version 1.9.1, it can record clip in famous gif or avi format and upload to websites for viewing purposes.

Cropper is a semi-transparent window that float on the screen that allows user to start capturing the image with just double click or hit enter key in the semi-transparent window. Once you done that, the files will be saved to a folder of your choice in the format you have specified. The supported file formats include animated gif, avi, bmp, jpg and png. Worth to highlight here, there is a special feature known as ‘countdown’ that enables user to set the desired number (in seconds) so that the cropper will start capturing the image when the counter expires. On top of this, you can save the image to the clipboard or print it out to the printer by double clicking on the semi-transparent window or hitting the enter key. Users no longer need to follow traditional steps of print screen, paste the image into image editor and then print it out. Another good thing here, you can have a full control of the screen capture area by moving the semi-transparent window using the mouse or arrow key.

Only consumed less than 420kB of your hard disk space, it is a must have tool to be installed in your PC system so that you can use it anytime whenever needed. If you think this suits your need, go and install Cropper for free. One thing to note here, you will need to download and install Cropper plug-in into C:\Program files\Fusion8Design\Cropper\plugins in order to have a full feature sets such as animated gif, avi format and countdown png.