On many occasions, users might need to create or draw some simple charts or diagrams to illustrate their ideas and to give a better picture of their thinking to others. Users can easily create charts, diagrams, etc by taking advantage of the advanced charting capabilities in office suite programs such as MS Office. Alternately, users can look for diagram or flow chart designer tools to quick design and create one. Diagram Designer is a free and lightweight diagram and flow chart designer cum generator that can help users to quick design and create some simple flow charts without going through a tedious process.

Diagram Designer offers users a handful of tools and templates for users to easily generate some simple flow charts. It features customizable and scalable template object palettes for users to quick draw simple charts. These charts can be easily converted or exported to various popular formats such WMF, EMF, GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MNG, and PCX images. Besides, the program does allow users to do spelling check and offers a simple graph plotter to plot mathematical expressions as well as an advanced pocket calculator with equation solver.

Diagram Designer is compatible with Windows OS and it can be downloaded via the link here. Due to its simplicity and free charges, users who need to brainstorm or quick design and generate diagrams or flow charts can consider this helper.