Accidentally deleted some important documents or files that would like to find way to retrieve it back? Don’t panic, here is a quick way that you can try to restore your lost files with this simple utility. Named as DiskDigger, it will scan through all the sector of your hard disk drive or any media (USB thumb drive, multimedia memory card) drives in an attempt to recover any of the lost files.

Once download and execute the software utility (no installation required), users will be prompted for the available drives to be scanned for files recovery. Besides, users can select the File type (either photos/images, documents or audio/video files) to narrow down the search. By clicking on the next button, the software utility will start scanning based on users’ setup and depending on the directory space, it will take some times for completion since the scanning will read every sector of the media without miss. Good thing is, it will able to display all the recovered files which is especially useful for quick glance when there are so many recovered files in your directory. If you have discovered the lost files, just click on the ‘Save File’ button to recover them completely.

There are many files recovery tools in the market but in case you are not satisfied with their results, why not give this a try and hopefully it can help you recover them in simple way. Since there is no installation required, DiskDigger is a completely standalone application that can be brought in a portable thumb drive conveniently.