Dreambox DM500s is a Linux-based satellite decoder that can be used to receive both free and encrypted channels from the air. Previously we mentioned the way on how to flash or format Dreambox DM500s but if you are looking for ways to configure it through PC without being limited by remote control, here is a very useful utility you can rely on. Named as DreamBoxEdit, it is a open source editing tool that being specifically designed for Dreambox decoders to simplify its services and channels editing capability.

Once install and launch the utility, users will be brought to a simple interface. For the start, you will need to know the correct IP address of your decoder that can be found by accessing to Menu-> Setup -> Expert Setup -> Communication Setup on your remote control with display on TV screen. Then, connect a normal straight Ethernet cable between PC and decoder and go to “Options” to set the IP address accordingly in the “IP address of Dreambox” field. Users can test the IP connection by clicking on the button itself. After that, click on “FTP” button will bring out a new interface and followed by a subsequent click on “Receive Files from Dreambox” will able to grab yourself all the contents from the connected decoder.

As expected, you will able to retrieve all the high level information such as Service, Package, Satellite Channels, as well as low level details like Frequency, Polarity, SymbolRate, FEC, Satellite Position, PID code and many more. Besides merely displaying all these useful information, the utility main function is its ability to edit those channel by clicking on the respective lists, much easily and then reload them back to the decoder, simplifying the whole tedious process of doing it based on remote control. On top of this, users can create/delete bouquets, add new service, edit transponder data and even toggle parental control as an all-in-one one stop solution suitable for all levels of users including non-tech savvy beginner. That is not all, there are even ways to search, import users Bouquet and SatcoDX files, and even export all services/Bouquet files into Excel readable format for future reference.

Once everything are set, go back and click on “FTP” icon followed by “Send Files to Dreambox” will load back all the changes into Dreambox decoder. As a reminder, there is a need to reboot by selecting “Reload” or “Reboot settings in Dreambox” for the change to be effective. Compatible to most of the Dreambox models even DM800 HD version, DreamBoxEdit is free for download here for free usage to customize all the satellite decoder settings on your PC screen without complicated setup.