To maintain and optimize the computer performance, one of the crucial maintenance work users need to do is to keep the drivers up to date. Older and outdated drivers will cause incompatibilities between computer and software, thus slowing down the overall computer performance. The system tends to be unstable with more crashes, system halt, applications which cannot run, slow boot up times, etc. Other than that, outdated drivers also have higher chances of exposing the computer to potential attack from various malicious activities, viruses, spyware, etc. To keep the computer running healthily, smoothly and compatibility will all external and internal devices, users need to keep their PC drivers updated from time to time. Driver Genius Professional is a professional driver manager and diagnosis tool which can assist users to manage their drivers and keep the drivers up to date always.

Driver Genius Professional is a pretty user-friendly application with a straightforward interface. Users can do backup, restore, search and update drivers automatically with only several mouse clicks. Driver Genius Professional offers users a free version which can be downloaded via the link here to detect and analyze their current drivers’ database. During the installation of the application, users will be prompted with a message in the event their driver database has not been updated. Users just need to click on ‘Yes’ to continue with the installation.


Upon completion, users will be prompted with a message requiring users to do a thorough scanning of their driver database. Once users click the “Start Scan” button, Driver Genius Professional will start the scanning work. The scanning process is pretty fast.

Driver Genius Professional will present users with the scanning result and notify users if there are any driver errors.


Driver Genius Professional can search for the update and fix the drivers accordingly. To activate this feature, users will be required to update the free version to the full version Driver Genius Professional 9 for $29.95.


Overall Driver Genius Professional is quite useful to analyze drivers which are not working properly and may be slowing down the computer’s performance. It helps users to identify the drivers which need to be updated in order to optimize Windows’ performance. This program is available in various languages including German, English, Spanish, etc. It supports all Windows OS inclusive of Windows 7. Users who want to analyze, detect or backup their driver database can take the opportunity to try the limited free version.

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