Microsoft Excel allows users to insert photos or graphics files into the spreadsheet easily. However, since it is not a photo viewer or editor application, users can’t use Excel to open photos or digital images. It might be a bit of problem if users are thinking to export their photos into excel and turn their photo into some sort of painting canvas or colourful mosaics effect in spreadsheet. For some reasons if you are keen to export and convert some photos into colourful mosaics in Excel spreadsheet to create some spreadsheet art, there is a free and tiny application, ExcelArt, can get your work done instantly (rather you spend days to fill in the cells’ color and paint it manually).

ExcelArt is a standalone application which doesn’t require any installation. Users can download it via the link here and double click to run it. This utility will convert graphics file in bitmaps, jpegs, gif and PNG formats to spreadsheet art in minutes. The conversion process is quite straightforward. Users just need to upload the photo and click to “Create ExcelArt” button to do the conversion. Users are allowed to do some simple settings, e.g. set resolution, choose color mode: full color, black & white or sepia and select Excel version.

Program screenshot

Converted Effect