Have you ever need to simultaneously open two different Microsoft Outlook profiles while working in front of your Windows PC system? You may able to open two Microsoft Outlook windows at the same time but the second window will only appear to be duplicate contents that won’t do any help to users. However, it won’t be the same now with this simple software utility in place. Named as ExtraOutlook v1.2, it supports an ‘extra’ Microsoft Outlook instance that can be connected to different Exchange server simultaneously in the same PC system, enabling a more efficient multi-tasking environment for end users.

Users can download the zip file from ExtraOutlook, unzip it and save it under C:\ExtraOutlook. In order to run it correctly, just open a command prompt and key in below command:

1) Cd to C:\ExtraOutlook
2) Type this command line: extraoutlook.exe “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Outlook.exe” /profile “Karl Gechlik”
3) Press enter to execute the command
4) Second instance of Outlook will be launched

Alternatively, to make the steps simple, you may copy below commands into notepad and save it as ExtraOutlook.bat:

cd c:\ExtraOutlook
extraoutlook.exe “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Outlook.exe” /profile “Karl Gechlik”

Executing the ExtraOutlook.bat batch file will help you launch the second instance of Outlook. ExtraOutlook works well for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 in both Windows XP and Vista OS system. One thing to note here, it will increase the CPU utilization when launching two independent Microsoft Outlook instances so be sure your PC system can handle it as much as you could.