Nowadays computer usage is so common that you may have spent most of your time in front of computer screen without taking a short break. Now with this simple software utility called Eye Relax, it will help users to monitor their time spent and remind them when it is time to take a short break for more effective and meaningful daily work.

The software utility is very tiny and easy to be operated. Just launch it after installation and it will bring you a simple interface for initial setup. Users can setup how long the work and break time (in minutes) and it will remind you whenever it is time to take a break at predefined intervals. Besides, there is a way to configure both the break time and notification actions such as blank the screen, show balloon tip or show selected image when the counter reaches zero. That is not all, there is a parent mode feature that allows parents to control how their sons or daughters spent time in front of PC by setting a password protection on these configurations.

Regardless its simple functionality, it is no doubt a very useful tool to ensure a much more work life balance as part of daily jobs. Users can get a free download here for immediate use.