Occasionally you may want to do some system scanning to figure out what could have gone wrong with your Windows system and do some fixing on it. Before starting some major software tweak, you probably can try this simple software utility to see how much it can help you. Named as FCleaner, it can analyze and help clearing up unused registry files or garbage that potentially takes up significant space on your hard disk drive and hopefully able to bring back your system to optimized condition.

FCleaner consists of a few very useful features that can help users achieve this purpose. Under the main menu, users will able to find ‘Cleaner’, ‘Uninstaller’, ‘Startup Manager’ that can assist users with different tasks but at the same purpose – freeing up hard disk space and improve Windows system performance as a whole. As the name implies, Cleaner function can clean up both system temporary Files, memory dumps and Internet Explorer History and cache, while Uninstaller can help to repair or uninstall any applications that used to occupy your hard disk space. On top of this, it is enhanced with Start Up Manager that can disable or remove any startup program that slow down the boot up speed.

FCleaner is compatible with all Windows OS and you can download it free at FCleaner. If you need a portable version so that you can carry around to be installed in other computers, just download the portable version here.