Mozilla has detected and discovered some serious security problems in the lately released Firefox 3.5 browser. According to Mozilla, there is a critical JavaScript vulnerability in the Firefox 3.5 browser and this security loophole will allow hackers to attack and execute malicious codes on the computer running with the browser. To avoid further damage, Mozilla has brought forward the release date of its updated version, Firefox 3.5.1, to get the bug fixed.

Mozilla 3.5.1 is an immediate and urgent solution from Mozilla to fix the security loophole. Firefox 3.5 users are warned and advised by Mozilla to update their browser version to 3.5.1. Besides getting the bug fixed, the latest Firefox 3.5.1 has also improved the browser’s stability and speed.

Firefox 3.5 users can get the latest Firefox 3.5.1 download directly from the Mozilla site. Alternately, they can go to Help menu and select “Check for Updates” to get the update.

Update: Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1