Speech recognition technology is no longer a new technology and it is quite commonly used in devices such as computers and mobile phones to empower users to interact with and control their machines by voice. Ever wonder how wonderful this experience will be if this technology is applied in a browser? Users could just surf the web by voice; for instance, they just need to say “Search Google Mydigitallife” to search for the term “Mydigitallife” using the Google search engine. Firesay is a free browser add-on to Firefox that allows users to communicate with the browser via voice commands.

With a microphone or webcam, Firefox users can add Firesay plug-in to their browser to experience a new, more natural, intuitive and efficient way to command and control the browser. Instead of typing, users can use their voice to do search queries, go to the sites they want to visit, open/close tabs or browsers, etc. The speech recognition approach will generally save time and enhance the browsing experience tremendously.

The developer has highlighted that the current Firesay version is only supported on Windows 7 and does not work on Linux, Mac, or Windows XP. Besides, this application is quite sensitive to surrounding voice and it is not optimized to work in areas with high-background noise. At this current stage, Firesay only supports a few simple voice commands, e.g. “Search Google”, “Open Facebook”, etc. This application needs more improvement to make it more handy and useful.