If you always share your desktop usage to your family members or friends but would like to protect certain sensitive information or pictures from being accessed by them, then this tiny tool may able to help you. Named as 1 second Folder Encrypt, it is a freeware that can help to lock any of your folders so that nobody can access to them without your permission.

The software utility is very simple to be used. When you launch it for the first time, it will prompt you to enter a new password that will be used each and every time you access to the function. Then, just select any specific folders that you would like to encrypt by ticking on the ‘Encrypt’ box followed by entering ‘Start’ button. Whenever you decide to decrypt the folder at later stage, just repeat the same step but this time ticking on the ‘Decrypt’ box to decrypt it.

If you notice, users can still recognize those secret folders that being encrypted as the folder name will be ended with a small dot ‘.’. However, there is no way for them to access it without having the right password that being set during the initial setup. This is particular useful for those peoples that have some confidential documents or private sensitive photos that don’t intend to be disclosed to anyone by all means.

One thing to note here, do remember to close the application or else other unauthorized person will have chance to access it without the need to enter password, since the password is only required whenever it is launched. You can get a free download at 1 Second Folder Encrypt.