Users sometimes might be worried or concerned that they accidentally go to poisoned web sites or those websites hosting malicious codes. If this happens, users might innocently click on some links or execute some programs which might cause damage to the computers. Malicious code is quite a tricky threat which might not be efficiently detected by some conventional antivirus applications. The Europe based security expert, AVG Technologies, recently announced the release of its free AVG LinkScanner, a browser plugin which allows users to check and filter those suspicious sites before entering them via external links.

AVG LinkScanner basically will scan the pages behind all the links that users click or type on their browser prior to entering the site. This tool also scans and evaluates the results of web searches in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN so users know whether a page is safe before clicking on it. Unlike some of the scanning tools which conduct the analysis and security scan over the entire site in one go, AVG LinkScanner will analyze each individual page instead. The reason being that a single page may be threatened but not the entire site. Hence, AVG LinkScanner will block the particular poisoned page if it finds the page contains malicious codes but not blocking the access to other pages from the same site.

AVG Link Scanner is the technology obtained from Exploit Prevention Labs, a company acquired by AVG Technologies in 2007. This security tool works well with Windows XP and Vista (for both 32-bit and 64-bit). This app can integrate with both IE and Firefox browsers (IE 6 and Firefox 2 and above). For safe net surfing, users can download the application via the link here.