Occasionally, you may want to find an excuse to be able to escape from any uncomfortable social situation. There are thousands of reasons that you can give but none of them could be easier than receiving an emergency phone call. Now with this software utility named as Fake Call released by Trinket Software, it will be able to help user scheduling a fake call at anytime if you encounter such a situation.

The software utility is very simple to use with only a few steps to go through. For the start, user has options to set it to ring at any intervals from 5 minutes up to 1 hour. If that is not long enough, user can schedule for a call back at specific time by keying in the exact date and time. Furthermore, there is a way to even select any callers (stored in mobile contact list) and let their name appear in the mobile screen with preset ringing tones that make the fake calling function more realistic.

Fake Call is currently in beta version and compatible with any Windows Mobile devices 5, 6 and 6.1. Just try to get a free download at Fake Call to get yourself prepare for any situation in case you need it one day. Trinket Software welcomes any feedback to further improve this tiny utility before releasing a final version by end of October 2008.