Spam mails can be quite irritating especially when you receive quite a huge amount flooding your mailbox every day. Spending time to delete them can be a tedious and frustrating task. You might accidentally delete some important mail if you are not careful. Using email filtering software is one solution to protect your computer from unwanted email spam and stop viruses before you download files. It adds an additional security layer so that you do not become the next victim of internet crime. Cloudmark Desktop is an email filtering software for Windows OS that can help users to filter and protect their inbox from spam, phishing and viruses. Technically Cloudmark Desktop can automatically filter email folders, manually scan an email folder, delete old spam, verify trust email from senders in the local address book and support filtering for IMAP, POP, Exchange and web mail accounts.

The developer of Cloudmark Desktop has revised the old Cloudmark Desktop and lately released its new Cloudmark DesktopOne to replace its predecessor. Cloudmark DesktopOne works with any e-mail client and filters any kind of e-mail including POP3, IMAP, MSN-style HTTP mail, Exchange-based mail, and webmail. Cloudmark DesktopOne is available in pro and basic versions. Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro costs $19.95 whereas users who need a free email filtering software can download the Cloudmark DesktopOne basic version for free. Unlike the pro version which can filter unlimited email folder, Cloudmark DesktopOne basic version is able to filter only one email folder. This free application can be used in Basic mode for an unlimited length of time.

Download Cloudmark DesktopOne 32bit or 64bit setup installer.