CSV (comma separated values) file format is used to store data structure in a table form. Each field is separated by commas and corresponded to one table column. It is commonly used by programs for data processing, such as import the data to database or loop the program to read the data in bulk for processing. However, some programs may face a problem to read the CSV file if it is over the allowable size limit or rows. Instead of having to split the CSV file manually, now there is tool, named as CSV Splitter which can help you split the large CSV file within a second.

CSV Splitter is a handy tool that allows you to define the number of lines and maximum pieces of output files. It will split the CSV file according to what you have defined. If you don’t want to have any limitation of number pieces of files been splitted, then just put max pieces as 0 and it will split the file by the number of lines you have defined. By default, a folder {csv file name}_Pieces will be created and all of the output files will be stored under this folder. The output file format will be named as {csv file name}_1.csv, {csv file name}_2.csv, {csv file name}_3.csv and so on.

If you think this is helpful, just go and download CSV Splitter free of charge.