You may have experienced a severe system slowdown due to hard disk was running out of space that may potentially impact the whole system performance, If you have no plan to upgrade a much bigger space hard disk soon, why not give this free Disk Analyzer a trial to see how much space you can save or how many garbage it can help you to clean up in your Windows system.

Once installed and launched the software utility, it will show you an overview of all the directory volume capacity with free space for each directory. Under ‘Actions’ field, simply click on ‘Cleanup’ and it will scan through the whole directory and calculate how much disk space you can save after the cleanup for a particular directory. The execution may take few minutes depending on how huge is the directory space. In order to customize and speed up the scanning, users can select to analyze only certain files with filtering capability. For instance, users can set pictures, music, archive or system files to speed up the search. Alternatively, the software utility can scan by file size so that it will by pass all the small files but only focus on the huge files. Besides Disk Cleanup, there are more options available such as Windows components, Installed programs or System restore cleanup that helps to make your PC system healthier than before.

This is the first I ran it on my laptop and surprisingly, it manages to capture around 5GB on my hard disk that can be cleared, with mostly surrounding Temporary Files such as Temporary Internet Files, Microsoft Error Reporting Temporary Files, Office Setup Files and Compress old files. This is very significant in view of my current hard disk space is left with 4GB only. The software utility is free for download here and just try how much space it can help you to save without the need to spend extra buck to upgrade to larger space hard disk.