Computer is so popular in today market that leaving it running for whole day will consume a significant amount of energy and even worst is when some of the computers were left running 24 hours a day for 7 days especially in enterprise world. Now with this software installed in your PC system, it will help to manage the power consumption properly and eventually save the electricity cost and preserve the planet. Named as Edison, it is a free energy saving software being developed by Verdiem, a famous IT energy waste handling company as part of the initiative to promote green environment.

Once download and install the software, user will have option to select which profile to be used in both work and non-work time. Besides, user can schedule it to run at certain time intervals by turning off certain peripherals at specific conditions. Verdiem estimates that the software tool will able to conserve 410 kilowatt hours a year in average depending of what type of system the users are running. Good thing here, user will be able to visualize the estimated power savings based on the configuration that he has chosen.

Although the software utility is quite huge at around 28MB, it may worth downloading now at Verdiem since it can contribute to the energy saving initiative to save the earth. The freeware is compatible with Windows XP and even Vista OS that majority of PC systems are running with. If you really have space constraint in your system but still want to contribute to this green environment effort, you can try LocalCooling as well to achieve the same purpose as an alternative solution.