If you prefer to use Gmail over Microsoft Outlook Express that comes preinstalled in your local PC system, this may help you. Named as gAttach, it is a free software utility that set Gmail to be your default email program, thus enabling sending or attaching a file using Gmail an easier way than usual for more effective communication to take place.

Pretty simple, just download the software at gAttach for free and you are ready to go. During the installation, if you don’t have the .NET Framework 2.0, you will be prompted to install that as it is required for it to work correctly. Once completed, right click on any file and select mail recipient, instead of going to your local email system, it will divert to your Gmail account directly. Similarly, user can send links from the browser, email attachment within windows explorer and more with only few simple clicks.

Only some minor limitation when using this application software as similar to Gmail account, you can’t send a file with more than 20MB. Besides, there is no way to send out encrypted zip files as well as those consisting of .exe files.

The application is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP and even Vista. If you prefer to use Yahoo email instead of Gmail, then you can try yAttach as an alternative solution.