Do you have bunch of nice pictures that are intended to be shown on PC screen automatically? Instead of wasting your time to select which is the best one to show off, wouldn’t it be better to show all the favorite pictures one by one after the certain time intervals. If your answer is yes, this software utility may suit your need. Named as John’s Background Switcher, it enables wall paper switching by grabbing some of the picture files from specific folder automatically at own preference intervals. Although there are already quite a number of solutions out there that can switch the pictures as background wallpaper but this one seem to be able to do more by able to choose those pictures stored even in online websites such as famous Flickr, Picasa, Phanfare web albums and even Yahoo! Image Search.

Once download and install the software utility, you will find a small icon appeared at the bottom right task bar of your PC screen. Right click on the icon, select ‘setting’ and it will bring you to the initial setup screen. Under General Options, you can set the desired interval (minimum interval is 1 minute) so that you can control how fast the pictures are switching. On the left panel, click on the specific folder or online website to check the source of where you want to grab those picture files from. You may want to try Picasa or flickr with all your favorite photos stored online in which none of them is available in local hard disk.

The software utility is less than 1.5MB, which is quite suitable to most of the PC system including the ancient dinosaur system. It is compatible with windows 98, 2000, XP and even latest Vista OS. One thing to note here, since the application is running on background from time to time, it may suck up some of your PC system CPU utilization. This is significant especially when you are trying to play some picture files downloaded directly from online website. Anyway, since it is free of charge, why not just download a copy at John’s Background Switcher and try out if it fits your requirement.