PDF format file has advantage of smaller file size as compared to Microsoft Word or Power point documents. Also, it is less easy to be edited and has become one of the most common formats of the materials to be delivered for customer reference. However, it doesn’t appear to be a good presentation material until I find this software utility. Named as KeyJnote, it is able to transform your boring PDF files into more interesting presentation material and make the whole sharing session a more interactive one.

Some of the features that worth highlighting here include the overview screen that is able to bring up the whole presentation foils in thumbnail view. Although this is possible with existing PDF format file but instead of making a few button clicks, KeyJnote will just do it in simplified way by able to zoom out the existing page and change to thumbnail view thus making the page search a quick and simple task. Besides, user can make the smooth page transition effect that can switch between pages in animation manner, hopefully able to catch some of the audience’s attention throughout the long sharing period. That is not all, user has the choice to highlight certain sentences or specific word to let audiences stay focused on it, by darken those background area that would like to be defocus from. Alternatively, the presenter can put a spotlight effect that only ‘spotlight’ on certain area, shading away the rest of the page. The spotlight can be adjustable in size by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ key stroke on the keyboards. All these actions can be done with a simple click of the mouse, and of course it includes those wireless pointers that can make the presentation a more pleasurable experience as compared to the past.

The software utility is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and even Linux OS. Although the file is a bit huge in size, around 8MB, but it is still worth installing one if it can help you to have more impressive presentation in front of your customers. Just download one free at SourceForge for trial now.