Are you looking for a simple way to effectively launch multiple applications or programs and specific internet websites simultaneously without the hassle of going through one by one? If yes, you may want to try the LacunaLauncher, a very simple yet useful freeware that can help you to execute programs launching by just a single button click.

The configuration is pretty straight forward. After download the zip file, just unzip them and you will notice two files – the first one is the software utility file and the second one is the list.txt file. Click open the text file, put in any numbers of desired files, such as internet link, applications, movies, desktop folders and by executing the software utility shortcut key will open all those desired programs/ files by just a single click. Moreover, you can customize based on own preference by adding the delay of intervals between all the programs launching one after another. This is particular useful when you are running a presentation and would like to turn on a few applications simultaneously. Instead of turning on one by one, you can just configure them correctly and with just a single click of a shortcut button on your desktop, it will open them all at the right timing without any assistance from third party.

Good thing about this is it doesn’t require any software installation and users can store it in USB thumb drive to be used on other PC as well. LacunaLauncher only consumes at 234kB only and it is compatible with Windows OS (Operating System) such as 95/98/2000 and XP.