There is a sweet satisfaction to Vacum Magic where gamers suck up candy free falling from the sky and spit it at evil bees and other equally menacing creatures. The suction-like vacuum mirrors the baby-like motions of sucking and fulfils Freud’s theory that adults never got enough of it. If you like sucking and spitting, this game is for you. If you’re quick and good at sucking, you can keep poison candy to spit at the evil bees or you can even spit bees at other bees. While shooting may satisfy some primal instinct in males, candy sucking has appealed to both males and females since our post-natal days. Swallowing other supplements to the main staple will give you extra nutrients in the form of a protective shield, special timed challenge rounds and boss fights. It’s a fantasy world where you can have as much sweets as you like and never grow fat or have decayed teeth.

Control keys are easy to master – arrow keys to navigate movement up and down or forward and back. Fire away with the space key if you have swallowed ammunition in the form of candy or bees. Run (change direction) if you have nothing in your mouth! Vacuum magic is fun and simple. This free and open-source game is still in the developmental stage but it is downloadable and runs on Vista. The game needs 128MB RAM and 3-D Video Card.

Demo Video

Download Vacuum Magic 0.13 via the link here.