For those busy person that run multiple applications in a single PC system, it is quite common to expand the taskbar space just to cater for all the running applications for easy task switching. Now with this simple software utility, you no longer need to give away your limited LCD monitor viewing pixels while able to conveniently retrieve them whenever there is a need. Named as Minime v1.4, it can tidy up all your currently running applications in your task bar by storing all of them into a single easy managed icon in the system tray.

Once the software utility is successfully installed and launched, you will notice a small icon appears in your system tray. Without any need to do further setup, the software utility is ready to be used now. Users can select any running applications (Microsoft Outlook, Word, Yahoo Messenger, Folders, Windows Media Player and etc) that intend to be cleared from taskbar by just clicking on the shortcut combination keys, Ctrl+Shift+Z and all of them will be stored in this tiny icon in system tray. In order to access it back, just right click on the icon and you will able to restore any (or all) of them simultaneously.

The software utility is very tiny and consumes less than 400kB of your hard disk space is suitable to be used in any Windows system. Besides the application file that can download at Saphua, the developer also shares its source code here, with the hope that some users that familiar with coding can further improve its usability and feature sets.