If Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw seems to be too complicated and has too many features, the free Windows image and photo editing tool, Paint.NET, is always a good alternative if you just need some simple editing functions such as crop, resize, rotate, adjust colors, etc. The open source freeware Paint.NET has released its latest version Paint.NET 3.5 Build 3509 Alpha which included a few new features targeted at Windows 7 users while maintaining the simplicity of a basic editor.

Paint.NET 3.5 Build 3509 Alpha has added DirectWrite support to the text tool in the new Windows 7. This has the benefit of greatly improving text rendering quality and performance. Besides, it has also added features such as support multiple layers, add special effects, support plugin, and support acquisition of images from external devices.

Download Paint.NET v3.5 Alpha, build 3509