Safe ‘n’ Sec is another powerful antispyware software application that can give users a full security solution against viruses, malwares, Trojans, etc that threaten your system. This comprehensive security software solution is designed to work alongside Microsoft Security Essentials and other signature-based security software to provide comprehensive protection for users’ computer. Safe`n`Sec takes a completely different approach by keeping users’ system in a “known-good” state rather than identifying and neutralizing individual threats. This approach means users do not need to rely on frequent updates to keep their PC malware-free and they don’t lose system performance to resource-intensive scanning activities.

Safe`n`Sec gives personal product users peace of mind against malicious activities and protect them against risks such as:

  • Viruses, Internet worms, Trojan Horses – malicious programs corrupting or removing users data;
  • Hacker attacks;
  • Spyware – programs forwarding data from your computer to a third party without users consent or knowledge;
  • Rootkits – programs obscuring the presence of intruders or malicious code on users PC;
  • Keyloggers – monitoring programs that shadow your operations while working on PC;
  • Illegal off-site control;
  • Confidential data, passwords and credit-card numbers leakage;
  • Exploits – executable codes caused faulty operations on your PC;
  • Any software trying to install secretly on users’ PC

Safe`n`Sec generally costs $14.95 to purchase. If users are reluctant to spend the money, they can grab the special promotion offer by Avanquest that allows them to grab a free copy of Safe`n`Sec with one year’s valid license. To grab the Avanquest Bluesquad promotional Safe`n`Sec software application, users can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Promotion Site and register their name, email, etc.
  2. Once the information required is filled up, users just need to click on “Proceed and receive your serial codes” button to proceed.
  3. Users will thence be directed to a new page that consists of valid registration code for Safe’n’Sec Personal
  4. Users just need to download Safe’n’Sec Personal via and register the product with the valid registration code given.